About Us

Expenditure to Savings (ETS) is a one-stop location for all your business, financial and investment requirements. We provide an array of services for your business as well as your individual needs. Whether you are looking for accounting, taxation or any other business ancillary services or even if you are looking for investment and planning for your personal and family needs, ETS has you covered.

Any amount spent by you is either revenue or capital in nature. The revenue expenditure results in immediate benefit and capital expenditure helps you to make savings for future. We as a team help you to make the best use of every dime that you spend. We are here to provide you services which results in immediate savings in case of revenue expenditure by providing best economic plans for your business and personal requirements. The immediate savings could also be in the form of utilizing precious time for more productive purposes by letting us handle mundane works for you so that you can do the things that boost your core competencies. Similar to capital expenditure, we can help you grow your wealth over the long run by effectively allocating and managing your funds for maximum benefits. This is what makes us ETS team.

ETS is multi-disciplinary professional firm consisting of Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Lawyers and Company Secretaries. Our diversified professional team ensures that you receive the best advise and guidance for you to achieve all your business and personal goals.